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Creating gluten-free food can be hard enough, but throw additive-free into the mix and it can seem all too overwhelming and almost impossible!

Well, guess what?  We’re here to tell you that not only is it totally do-able, but it’s super easy!

Ready to eat some EASY and AMAZING gluten-free food that tastes like the real thing???  👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Please note that this is an ONLINE PROGRAM. Once purchased we will email you your login details so that you can log into the program and access all of this...

➕ a four-week gluten-free meal plan (using real food and simple ingredients)
➕ a bonus eBook full of staple recipes (like bread, wraps, scrolls, bread rolls, pastry, DF feta, DF cheese etc)
tutorial videos for those 'tricky' recipes like wraps.
➕ exclusive access to a private Facebook group
➕ hint, tips, and info to keep you on track
member-only downloads including eBooks of all the recipes
➕ exclusive emails from course creators, Jo & Tracey

It’s all bundled up in the one place to make your life easier!  

Extra Info

Log in from anywhere with the internet.  

Participate When It Suits You.

Community and Support.  You’ll join a free Facebook group with all the other participants.  Together we will interact, have fun, ask questions and offer a helping hand.

Simple recipes.  You'll find uncomplicated recipes with simple ingredients that you can easily source.  They are ALL family-friendly!

Additive-Free.  You won’t find additives in our recipes like the GF substitutes you get at the supermarket.

Dietary options.  Most recipes are dairy-free or with a dairy-free option and low or refined sugar-free.

What are the recipes?

Staples eBook
Gluten-free flour blend
White bread
Garlic naan bread
Bread rolls
Shortcrust pastry
Puff pastry
Pizza base
Pizza scrolls
Cashew 'cheese' sauce
Dairy-free feta
Chicken stock
Crunchy potatoes

Week One

BBQ pork spare ribs with fried rice
Rice paper rolls (using leftover pork)
Beef lasagne (with DF cheese) and salad
Slow-cooked 'roast' chicken, veg, and GF homemade gravy
Pizza with dairy-free cheese sauce
BBQ lamb chops with chimichurri
Potato rosti with egg and bacon

Something sweet:  ANZAC biscuits
Breakfast idea: GF granola
An extra: Cauli buffalo wings

Week Two

Chicken schnitzels with crunchy potatoes
Creamy sundried tomato homemade gnocchi
Sweet potato and pumpkin soup with bread rolls
Beef pies (or pie) using GF puff pastry
Vegetable pasties

Something sweet: Choc chip cookies
Breakfast idea:
Buckwheat pancakes
Apple and rhubarb crumble

Week Three

Cottage pie
Taco Tuesday
Pork belly slaw
Beef burgers with veg and homemade gravy (or burger buns)
Butter chicken with naan bread
Lamb shanks with peas and mash
Simple thai red curry and papadums

Something sweet: Banana bread
Breakfast idea: 
Green smoothie

Week Four

Vego nachos
Crispy salmon on parsnip mash
Quiche (using GF shortcrust pastry) and salad
Slow-cooked beef brisket wraps
Burrito bowl using up any leftover brisket
San choy bau
Mushroom risotto

Something sweet: Chocolate cake
Breakfast idea: 
Bacon and egg cups
Cauli waffles


Q: are the recipes nut-free?
A: most of the recipes are nut-free, however, some recipes do contain cashews and almonds.  We’ve tried to make this program as nut-free as possible so you can use recipes for school lunches.

Q: are the recipes egg-free?
A: most of the recipes are egg-free or we try and give an egg-free substitute.  There are only a couple of recipes with no substitute like quiche however you could cook something different that night.

Q: are the recipes sugar-free?
A: all recipes are either sugar-free or refined sugar-free.  We’ve used natural sugars like 100% pure maple syrup, raw honey, coconut sugar or rapadura sugar.

Q: are the recipes dairy-free?
A: all recipes are either dairy-free or have a dairy-free option apart from the puff pastry.

Q: is this program suitable for vegans or vegetarians?
A: all snacks are vegan or with vegan options, however, most dinners do contain animal products.

Q: can we see the recipes?
A: sure can, check out the 'recipe' tab

Q: will there be information about additives?
A: there won’t be a lot of information about additives in this program.  All that information is in our signature program, Additive-Free Made Easy and our cookbooks.

Q: will you make a printed book?
A: never say never, but not at this stage.

Q: will I have lifetime access?
A: you will have access for as long as the program operates

Q: I'm not on Facebook, will that matter?
A: no not at all!  All the information you need will be within this program and sent via email.

Q: is this all online?  do I need to be anywhere at any specific time?
A: This is an online program where you can go at your own pace.

Q: do you have a payment plan options?
A: yes, AfterPay is available

Q: can I download the recipes?
A: you sure can!  Every week and every recipe has its own PDF file.  Either save to your devise or download and print.

Q: i have another question that's not here.
A: awesome!  Please email us at

Is this for me?

This program is for you if...

🙌🏼   You’d like to finally source some amazing gluten (and dairy)-free recipes!

🙌🏼   If you’re ready to cook easy meals that are cheap

🙌🏼   If you’re ready to remove some additives

🙌🏼   If you’re sick of feeling frustrated with recipe fails

🙌🏼   If you get upset tummies and bowel pain

🙌🏼   If you’d like to reduce some inflammation

🙌🏼   If you just feel ‘yuk’ and want to give gluten-free a try

🙌🏼   If you’d like to learn how to eat more real food

🙌🏼   If you want to join a community of like-minded people who 'get it'

Basically, this program is for ANYONE!