Additive-Free Made Easy BUNDLE:  SAVE $106!  We start May 20th.

Additive-Free Made Easy BUNDLE: SAVE $106! We start May 20th.

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- Additive-Free Made Easy
- Low-Tox Cleaning Package
- DIY Made Easy

Inside the course you'll get:

  • Full program access for the lifetime of Additive-Free Lifestyle

  • Exclusive access to a buzzing private Facebook group full of like-minded people from past rounds.

  • Video interviews with leading health experts from around the globe diving deeper into:
    - Gut Health With Nutritionist Benedict Freudenmann
    - ADHD Nutrition With Nutritionist Ruth Fellowes
    - Skin Irritations With Chinese Medicine Dr, Irene Prantalos
    - Picky Eaters With Food Sensory Expert and Nutritionist Chaya Tidd
    - Diving Into The Brain And How Additives Affect Us With Psychotherapist Dr Natalie Challis and Neuro-Nutrition Expert Leigh Shinde.

  • Member-only downloads including downloadable PDF fact sheets on a variety of additives and preservatives to teach you how to navigate the supermarket.
    - Food labelling
    - Artificial Food Colours
    - Natural Food Colours
    - Annatto
    - Artificial Sweeteners
    - MSG and Glutamates
    - Sulphites
    - Nitrates
    - Natural flavours & flavours

  • Simple Supermarket Swap Ideas.

  • Ideas on how to:
    - Go to a birthday party additive-free
    - Host a birthday party
    - Dealing with schools and childcare centres
    - Friday fake-away options
    - Living additive-free on a budget

  • Exclusive weekly emails from course creators Jo & Tracey including useful resources such as:
    - Bulk cooking guide and recipes eBook
    - Simple Supermarket Swap Guide
    - Winter Wellness Guide with recipes
    - Low-tox cleaning Guide with recipes


Simple Step-By-Step Course
It couldn't be more user-friendly and very simply structured. If you have the internet and a phone or computer, you can do it.

Learn at your own pace
Learn at your own pace, you will not get left behind no matter how busy your schedule, however, you do need to make time to complete it.

Community and Support
Buzzing with over 4,000 past students, you've now found your tribe!
This will honestly change your life.

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