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When we decided to put this book together, we had one goal in mind – to make lunchboxes EASY again (oh, and additive-free of course).
In this book, you’ll find…
  • over 80 lunchbox-friendly, additive-free recipes including the variations
  • Both thermal cooking appliance and traditional methods included (where applicable)
  • Full-colour photography for each and every recipe
  • Family-friendly for everyone to enjoy (all child approved!)
  • Simple recipes that are tasty and budget-conscious
  • Allergy-friendly options (nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free etc.)
  • Recipes high in protein
  • Recipes low in sugar
  • Exclusive scientific information discussing additives and their individual effects on your health

We know you’re busy. We know you don’t have hours and hours to spend in the kitchen and to be honest, neither do we! That’s why you’ll find throughout this book recipes that can be made within minutes. You’ll find allergy-friendly options, low in sugar options and some traditional ‘some time’ treats too. When we designed this book we tried to think of recipes that you may be buying from the supermarket, things like muesli bars, an Oreo replacement or Tiny Teddies. We have included a heap of recipes full of protein to keep tummies fuller for longer and non-sandwich ideas. This book is a gamechanger and we can’t wait for you to cook from it.


bread and dough

  • whats wrong with spreads? A write up of what additives can be found in spreads and dozens of different filling ideas
  • finger buns
  • fruit bread or buns
  • wraps + variations
  • gluten-free wraps
  • pizza pockets + variations
  • bread
  • gluten-free bread
  • scrolls + variations
  • savoury muffins
non-sandwich ideas
  • chicken wings
  • chicken pinwheels
  • lentil sausage rolls
  • oven baked sausages and veg
  • parmesan crumbed tofu (or chicken)
  • rice paper rolls
  • sausage rolls
  • teriyaki chicken sushi
  • teriyaki marinade
  • turkey meatballs
  • zucchini slice bites
thermos lunchbox ideas
  • chicken meatball stroganoff
  • chicken noodle soup
  • chicken pesto
  • curried chicken lasagne
  • fried rice
  • mac and cheese with hidden veg
  • minestrone soup
  • spaghetti bolognese
  • banana and blueberry muffins
  • banana mini loaves + variations
  • banana oat cookies
  • basic icing + variations
  • bbq chickpeas
  • bliss balls + variations
  • chia pudding
  • chickpea chocolate slice
  • choccy crunch biscuits
  • chocolate zucchini cake
  • citrus poppy seed muffins
  • custard + variation
  • gummy lollies
  • protein pikelets + variation
  • sweet potato brownie
  • trio chocolate biscuits
  • vanilla cupcakes
  • cookie dough + variation
  • choccy mallow wheels (kinda like a Wagon Wheel)
  • cream cheese sandwich (kinda like an Oreo)
  • mallow tops (kinda like Royals)
  • marshmallow
  • kiss biscuits
  • tiny teddies
  • muesli bars
  • fruit straps (kinda like a Roll-Up)
  • donut (a healthier version)
  • bubble mallow bar (kinda like LCM’s)
  • chocolates (healthy version)
  • vanilla yoghurt + all the hints and tips
dips and spreads
  • corn relish dip
  • corn relish
  • basic hummus + variation
  • french onion dip
  • sundried tomato dip
  • pesto
  • le snacks
You’ll also find information about:
  • tips for parents at school
  • who we are
  • our stories
  • stats on food-related illnesses
  • reading the front and back of packets
  • waste – we can all improve
  • picky eaters
  • sugar – how much is too much?
  • food additives